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How does it work?

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2. Access the digital label geo-localised to your language and location

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Access clear, detailed and relevant information

Every digital label is geolocated to the country where the bottle is sold and provides consumers with:

  • Information about the health risks associated with alcohol misuse, as well as where to find relevant information where they are.
  • The low-risk drinking guidelines issued by the local health authorities.
  • Information about standard drinks including who should not drink alcohol and a link to a consumer information website.
  • The complete list of ingredients and full nutritional information of the product they have scanned.

All this information is updated regularly and tailored to each country.

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Our commitment

Pernod Ricard Group has long been committed to the responsible consumption of its products. As a leading manufacturer of wine and spirits, we believe that there is no fun in excessive drinking, which is why we are committed to combatting alcohol abuse.

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