Frequently asked questions

Why did Pernod Ricard develop these digital labels? 

As a company committed to responsible drinking, it is our duty to provide clear, useful and detailed information about our products. A small label can only accommodate a certain amount of information. Digital technology also allows us to update information in real time and to tailor it to each individual according to the language and responsible drinking guidelines of the country in which they are located.

What personal data is collected?

No personal information is collected. Cookies only allow us to collect statistics on the overall number of visits to the platform. You can reject them simply by clicking on the cookie settings button.

How can I change the display language?

Thanks to geolocation technology, the digital label provides content in the local language. You can switch to English, irrespective of the country you are in, by clicking on the flag icon at the top right of your screen.

Why do responsible drinking guidelines on digital labels vary from country to country?

The information contained on the digital labels is linked to the regulations in force in the country where you are located, and they vary between countries.

Why can't I find the QR code on all your products?

We are gradually rolling out our digital label to all our products containing alcohol, with an initial phase in Europe on a range of “pilot” products. All our alcoholic products will be digitally labelled in 2024.

Why can’t I find digital labels in my country?

Digital labels are currently being rolled out and will be available in 2024. The first phase of the roll-out is taking place in Europe on a range of “pilot” products.

Why can't I find a QR code on your alcohol-free products?

The main goal of our digital labels is to provide you with clear and detailed information on the health risks associated with excessive alcohol consumption, which is why it is not being featured on our non-alcoholic SKUs for the moment.